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Physical Education

In La Salle, we help our students develop an active and healthy lifestyle through taking part in physical activities and sports events. Our students are good sportsmen, physically healthy and all round.
To provide a broad and balanced learning experience, our Physical Education programme is sports centred. The specific skills and practical knowledge of each sport is used as the core for enhancing physical fitness.  Important concepts of health and fitness, safety measures and relevant sports values and sportsmanship are included in our curriculum. 
Our Physical Education activities are designed to meet the needs, interests, abilities and learning styles of students, taking into account the school culture and making effective use of the school’s extensive facilities. Such activities include football, basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, gymnastics, badminton, table tennis, swimming, fencing, rope skipping, triathlon, squash and tennis. A new school-based rugby curriculum for P.5 boys has been implemented.
We encourage students to extend their studies beyond the classroom.  We organise sports activities such as competitions, training courses and performances. We conduct regular training sessions for all school teams. Professional athletes in Hong Kong and from overseas, and even Olympic medalists are invited to our School for sharing sessions with our students.