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Digital Studies

The Digital Studies curriculum aims at developing an understanding of the development of IT and the digital world in relation to students’ daily lives.  It also aims to enhance students’ high order thinking skills, as well as abilities to seek, evaluate, organise, present and use information. 
Students are expected to be able to apply IT in their learning and in addressing different issues in their daily lives.  The skills they acquire are able to facilitate cooperative learning and lifelong learning.
Mastering computer knowledge and IT skills is not the only objective for the curriculum. In order to enhance self-directed learning, collaboration, problem-solving, creative thinking and computational thinking competency, we have developed a school-based coding curriculum, as well as an information literacy teaching kit.  
To fully develop the potential of all students, IT classes are organised for all students in the form of extra-curricular activities. There are enrichment courses for our gifted students and our IT School Teams. We provide a lot of opportunities and train them to be IT helpers and IT experts. 
We hope to nurture our students to become competent and ethical users of IT.