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The objectives of the Putonghua curriculum are to cultivate pupils’ listening, oral, transliteration and self-learning skills, to enhance the linguistic knowledge of Putonghua and Chinese culture, to cultivate interest in learning and to nurture good learning attitudes and habits.
We have developed our school-based ‘Putonghua initial consonants, vowels, tones and syllables’ teaching materials and demonstration videos for pupils to learn the language more effectively. These Putonghua pinyin videos and other learning platforms are placed online for self-directed learning.
Apart from regular Putonghua lessons, extra-curricular activities are held every Friday for Primary one students. There is also an annual Putonghua Day during which our boys are fully engaged in classroom activities, booth games, storytelling sessions, riddles, songs, speech sharings and drama performances, all conducted in Putonghua.
Putonghua Musicals are held in our biannual School Concerts to encourage students to use the language in interesting ways. To further upgrade our students’ Putonghua proficiency, they are encouraged to participate in Putonghua assembly sharings, Speech Festivals, storytelling competitions and exchange programmes in China.