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Curriculum Overview

Our School promotes the policy of “Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism” based on the EDB primary school curriculum. A wide variety of effective teaching and learning strategies are adopted to cater for students’ needs and interests.  The adoption of these strategies provides students with an all-round and well-balanced education.  It promotes positive learning values and attitudes, nurturing their intellectual, physical and spiritual development. During learning activities, students’ creativity, thinking and social skills are developed. Generic skills are also incorporated into each subject’s curriculum, cross-curricular programmes and extra-curricular activities.
In order to cater for learner diversity, enrichment courses are provided for students on a wide range of interesting topics. Chinese, English and Mathematics support programmes are arranged to bridge any learning gap.  We also offer gifted programmes to students in the talent pool.
Through Service Learning, Religious Activities, Personal Growth Education and Moral and Civic Education Programmes, the School strives to develop students’ positive values and attitude, and more importantly, a will to serve others. With an emphasis on “zero bullying”, the School has established a caring and supportive campus. Students demonstrate the “Lasallian Spirit” with their love for God, themselves and others, observing the school motto “Fides et Opera”, which stands for “Faith and Good Works”.